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Jason Love
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May 2011
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Jason Love [userpic]

It's a videogame arcade from the early 90s. All the game cabinets in the place were designed and built as part of a set to tell a single continuous story; they're networked together to accomplish this. You start at one machine, and when you complete the section of story there, the one next to it activates, so you can continue playing without needing to put in extra coins. In the games, the player is a lone gunslinger in the wild west who must defeat the gangs that seized control of different areas of the countryside. I hid in an abandoned house from one of the gang's patrols, and I noticed a false panel at the bottom of one of the interior walls; I was able to open the panel there, as well as the adjacent one into the opposite room, but I never quite opened the panel between them, which should have opened further into the wall and may have held whatever was being concealed. Instead, I tried to make my escape from town, and came to the realization that, whether intentionally or coincidentally, my foreign-made firearms were incapable of shooting.


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